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Valencia Town, DHA Phase 11, Lahore


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Valencia Town, DHA Phase 11, Lahore


9:00am – 6:00pm

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On-Grid Solar System

Hybrid Solar System

Today Price

Brand & SpecificationsPrice Per WattTotal price per plateStatus
Longi HIMO 5 A grad 555 watt documented Price42`23310In stock
Longi himo 6 585 watt4325155In stock
Jinko P type 555 watt A grade documented4323865In stock
Jinko N Type 575 A grad documented mono facial Price4425300In stock
Jinko 585 N TYPE Bifacial watts single glass A grad documented Price4626910In stock
JA 540 watts single glass A grad documented Price4222680In stock
JA 575 watts double glass or bifiacial A grad Price4525875In stock
Canadian 555 P type watts single glass A grad Price4424420In stock
Canadian 580 N type mono facial A grad documented4526100In stock
Canadian 580 N type bi facial A grad documented4727260In stock
trina 575 watt a grade solar panel price4727025In stock
BrandPrice Per WattPanel priceStatus
Ackome Solar 745 Watt5843210In stock

Jinko N Type Tier 1 Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

BrandPrice Per WattPanel PriceStatus
Jinko N type 575 watt a grade documented price5632775In stock


Ultra Solar is a leading solar manufacturing company that is committed to providing top-quality solar products to its customers. With a strong focus on innovation and sustainability, Ultra Solar has established itself as a reliable and trusted brand in the industry.

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Our company offers a wide range of services that cater to the diverse needs of our clients, including but not limited to consulting, design, development, maintenance, and support, delivered with the utmost professionalism and dedication to excellence.

Solar Panels

Solar panels 2023 are a game-changer in the world of renewable energy, converting the power of the sun into electricity that is clean, sustainable, and cost-effective, paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future.

Solar Inverters

Solar inverters play a crucial role in the solar energy system, converting the DC power generated by solar panels 2023 into usable AC power for homes and businesses ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability

Solar Batteries

Solar batteries are a key component in the storage and distribution of solar energy, enabling homes and businesses to store excess solar energy during the day for use at night or during periods of low sunlight

Solar Solution

Switching to a solar solution is a smart investment for both individuals and businesses, offering a clean, reliable and cost-effective source of energy that not only reduces the carbon footprint but also provides energy independence

Solar Products

Our range of solar products is designed to meet the evolving needs of our customers, from solar panels 2023 and inverters to batteries and charge controllers, we provide high-quality and innovative solutions

Solar System Accessories

Our range of solar products is designed to meet the evolving needs of our customers, from solar panels and inverters to batteries and charge controllers, we provide high-quality and innovative solutions

From designing and installing solar panel 2023 systems for residential and commercial properties to conducting ongoing maintenance and performance monitoring, our team is committed to providing sustainable energy solutions for a brighter future.


Thanks to ultra solar, we have significantly reduced our carbon footprint and enjoyed substantial savings on our electricity bills.
Afzal Ahmad, Big Media Co
I was hesitant to switch to solar energy at first, but after working with this company to install my panels and inverters, I am now a true believer in the power of renewable energy.
Alishba Ramzan, BTS & CO
We chose this company to install our solar panels and inverters, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. The team was professional and efficient
Muhammad Yousaf, Pakfab

Stay up-to-date on the latest news, trends, and innovations in the solar panel 2023 industry with our informative and engaging blog articles, designed to educate and inspire a brighter, more sustainable future.

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Solar Panel Price in Pakistan 2023

10KW Solar Panel Price in Pakistan 2023

Solar systems are now catching the attention of consumer in Pakistan .If a user want to install the solar system in domestic or commercial property ,one should want to find out good estimate of solar panel system in Pakistan 2023.In this article we will draw costing  estimate of solar system ,lets  discuss 10 kw solar panel cost in Pakistan ?

Solar Panel Price in Pakistan 2023 and Types of Solar Panels

Type of Solar SystemCost of Solar Panel in Pakistan
5KW On-Grid Solar Panel CostRs 6 lakh
10KW On-Grid Solar Panel CostRs 11 Lakh
15KW On-Grid Solar Panel CostRs 17 Lakh
20KW On-Grid Solar Panel CostRs 20 Lakh

The average price of 5 kw solar panel in Pakistan is Rs 10 to 14 lakh .its depends upon the type of solar system in Pakistan.10 kw solar panel cost in Pakistan vary from Rs 20 to 26 lakh .it is totally depend on electricity load .10 kw solar system can run your following electricity equipment in Pakistan.

10 KW Solar System Load Capacity in Pakistan

  • 2 Air conditioners
  • 2 fridges
  • 2 LED tvs
  • 10 fans
  • 1 moter water pump
  • 30 light energy savours
  • 1 washing machine

Solar system reduces your electricity. A 10 kw on-grid solar system is very good for 1 kanal house in Pakistan .if some has 10 marla double story house, A 5 kw on- grid or hybrid solar panel system is perfect for both portion. is one leading solar energy installation company in Pakistan .

Solar Panel System Price in Pakistan and Electricity Units

Monthly ConsumptionSolar Panel Price in Pakistan
500 – 600 UnitsRs 6 Lakh
700 – 900 UnitsRs 10 Lakh
1100 – 1300 UnitsRs 12 Lakh
1700 – 1900 UnitsRs 20 Lakh
3400 – 3600 UnitsRs 30 Lakh

What is the cost of 5kw solar panel system in Pakistan ? it is most common asked question by customer .To know about 5 kwa solar panel system price in Pakistan click the given link below .different brands are manufacturing solar panel plates here is given list of brand selling solar panel in pakistan .

10 Biggest Solar Panel System Companies in Pakistan

Ulta solar deals in following solar panels companies that we trust for our client

CompanyLocationMost Popular ModelWarranty
LONGI SolarChinaLONGI  LR4-60HPH 355M25 Years
Tongwei SolarChinaPERC SOLAR CELL 166 9BB BIFACIAL10 Years
JA SolarChinaJA PERC JAM72S01-385/PR25 Years
Aiko SolarChina12BB Bifacial Mono PERC Cell10 Years
Trina SolarChinaTrina Trina TallMax TallMax-TSM41025 Years
Jinko SolarChinaJinko Eagle 72HM G2 JKM405M-72HL-V25 Years
Canadian SolarCanadaCandian Solar Inc. HikuBliack CS3N-395MS Mono Perc25 Years
ZhongliChinaBIPRO TD8G66M 12BB12 Years
SuntechChinaFirst FS-6440 FS-6440A12 Years
First SolarUSAColumn 3 Value 1030 Years

The price of solar system in Pakistan is reducing down with increasing more development in solar manufacturing and more competition .All kw power have same size in dimension but with different load bearing capacity .

Solar inverter

Solar inverter convert direct current ( DC) alternative current (AC) .Our homes appliances are normally use AC current but solar panel system produces DC in Pakistan .solar inverter prices vary with brand to brand in Pakistan .

Two Types of Solar inverter

  1. String solar inverter
  2. Microinverter solar system inverter

String solar inverter

String solar inverter is central inverter in which all solar plates are connected together in a row .string of different solar panel 2023 plates is connected with single inverter .it is also cheap type of solar inverter in Pakistan .

Micro solar inverter

Micro solar system inverter is latest inverter ,which is singulary connected to the back of each of solar plates .Micro inverter convert the DC to AC directly from the back of each solar plate .it is expensive type solar inverter in Pakistan 2023 .


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