Made with selected materials and components to grant quality, duration, efficiency through outputs, the 72 cell polycrystalline modules by Znshine Solar represent a highly flexible solution for diverse installation types, from industrial rooftop plants to small home PV systems or large ground surfaces. This alllow you produce clean energy whilist reducing your energy bills.

Good Low Light Performance

Excellent performance under low-light environment.

High Efficiency

Dense busbars shorten the current conduction distance between bars and lower serial resistance; increases 7-8W power output.

Minimize Crack Effect

Collected more current, almost no power generation efficiency lose by internal cells cracked.

Improve Reliability

Improve product reliability; minimizes the probability of pressure and battery fragmentation caused by thermal stress.

Longer Lifetime

Minimizes the heat resistance due to internal cracks, bringing longer life span and less attenuation.


Znshine 335 Watt Poly Solar Panel